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The Pumpkin Orb

The Pumpkin Orb audio
Peter Delloro (PDProductions.org)
The Pumpkin Orb story is featured in Lavonna Moore's book The Unusual, Unknown & Unexplained 4.

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paranormal / parəˈnɔːm(ə)l/ - not scientifically explainable


Searching for the truth, researching the unknown.

What we do?

If you are experiencing paranormal activity we will assist you in finding a logical solution by investigating the activity.  We enter all our investigations looking for the most natural or unnatural reason for the occurrence.  Should you need our services we will be there any hour of the day and there is never a charge or fee for our services. 




Have you ever lived in a house that you thought was haunted?  Did strange things happen all the time in the house?  You are not alone.  Read the true stories of individuals who have experienced these strange occurrences; some have even witnessed apparitions.  Do you believe in ghosts?   If you like mysteries and spooky stories you will enjoy more creepy tales of the unexplained.  There are also more powerful miracle and near-death experiences.  See extraordinary photographs captured by several different paranormal researchers and hear their amazing stories of the paranormal.  This is a collection of TRUE account short stories and astonishing photographs.  To purchase the book or read more about Lavonna Moore's books visit her website at www.lavonnamoore.com